speak to me of the dark gifts

Okay, so: my current fashion fetish is lace, patterned tights, cardigans, and lots of layers, OH, and collars. It seems weird to describe my current obsessions with the word fetish but whatever. I'm obviously way to cool to care about the typical way words are interpreted in society, but just because society is the majority/the dictionary doesn't mean they're right. jeez

Lace is basically my favorite thing in the world, and as my obsession with it grows I can't help but relate more and more to Danny from Grease and his addiction to cars and hair gel and trying really hard to be bad ass and cool which is clearly a major turn off to Sandy until she gets scared she will lose him so she changes FOR HIM (NO NO NO!) so he accepts her and then it turns out he loved her just as much before. No way! SURPRISE SURPRISE (insert sarcasm here).

And now that hair gel has come into conversation, it really wouldn't be right to talk about "hair gel addictions" without mentioning Pauly D. who is probably responsible for half of global warming due to his hair gel fumes and the dozens of bottles of it he probably goes through every week.

And then I found this picture while searching for pictures of John Travolta applying hair gel in Grease and it just makes you go "aww, so cute!" (insert hearts insert hearts) like lonely people do when they see puppies or fat babies or boy scouts helping old ladies cross the street.

I kind of love Grease to the extreme and when Sandy tries to go all bad girl for Danny it kind of makes me go insane because she just looks sooooo god damn cool even though her new look is totally not her. I'm totally diggin' the intense all black vibe that makes me think of all my favorite eras (eras? no! DECADES) as they flash before my eyes such as 50's! and 60's! and 80's! BAM! The random connection to the 80's is more so just because of Sandy's intensely permed/poofed/intensely curled/hair sprayed hair at the end when she goes all "bad girl" because I don't know about you and I don't know if I'm just insane, but permed/poofed/intensely curled/hair sprayed hair makes me think 80's!

I'm sad with myself and the "wonders" of google because I couldn't find a picture of Danny applying hair gel! Honestly, what the hayul. You can find pictures of monkeys eating bacon and yet no pictures of John Travolta as Danny doing his signature gelled hair comb back are in existence? Either google was destined to be a major disappointment or my googling skills are totally lacking. So even though a picture of John Travolta as Danny doing his signature gelled hair comb back seem to be totally non existent on google, at least in this picture the light beautifully reflects off his hair like diamonds, totally capturing the "i'm too cool4school" vibe you get when admiring his shiny head.
So at this point you are probably hoping and praying I'll shut up so you can see the pictures of my outfit, or you just skipped down all ready for the pictures, but either way: TADA. The pictures.

Here is my fab-tastic outfit that is super lacey and crazay cool. (yes, crazay. that isn't a typo, that is hip lingo for crazy because I'm just sound so cool when I act like those wannabe hipster moms trying to bond with their kids by acting like they can talk the talk.)
floral keds from Cotton On, Forever 21 shorts, Nordtroms cardigan, wet seal black lace shirt, thrifted white lace collared shirt, tiffany charm necklace, earrings from some vintage store, socks i stole from my friend.


  1. lace, patterned tights, cardigans, collars - my love! Your white lace shirt is adorable! Oh and Im a huuuuge fan of Grease :)

    Flo xxx



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