fudge sauce and unicorns

Today was a really tiring day at school, and I'm honestly too tired from my day of school to even talk about it, so I'll just talk about THIS moment, RIGHT now, because I'm all for living in the moment.

I was really hungry when I came home, but my mom was like "save the chips for school" so I'm trying my best to do that because I know that if I eat them all now there will be no food of happiness left for me to eat at school when I'm tired of learning and just want to go home and sleep. So I decided I'd eat a different food that I love: fudge sauce.

I don't really remember when or why my mom bought the fudge sauce, but what I do know is that I'm about to finish the jar that was in the fridge, and there is another full jar left in our pantry for me to consume later when I really need some happiness energy to motivate me to do homework. My mom is usually an intense healthnojunkfoodihatemicrowaveswhichiswhywedon'thaveone freak, but I guess she had a moment of sweet tooth weakness like we all do (some more than others, obviously) and just had to buy some good old fashion organic fudge sauce, because organic stuff is just the bomb.

After eating my fudge sauce with my trusty friend, the knife, I decided I would get off my butt and photograph my outfit for the day. I personally find it really awkward when my family members walk in on me taking pictures of myself, because taking photos of yourself in front of people who stare at you as they're chomping away on their banana isn't my favorite kind of situation. I was happily taking my photos so I could post in mah blog, and I was having a really great and enjoyable time, and then I hear my brother yell "WHAT IS THAT BEEPING." (in case you were wondering, it was the timer on my camera.) I didn't want him to come charging in the kitchen and the awkward scenario awkwardly become a true story, so I was like "NOTHING, JUST MY CAMERA." and then I packed away my tripod and camera and went back to my room to survey my photos, and luckily I had two pictures I really liked that made my outfit clearly visible. They were also the only photos where I didn't look possessed and scary because my eyes were completely bulged out, so I'm thankful that I'm somewhat capable of taking photographs.

So now, here I am, blogging about my really cool dayafterIgothomefromschool, day. I'm planning on finishing my fudge sauce, then getting hungry again and taking some jalapeno kettle chips and saving the sea salt and vinegar ones for tomorrow because I'm such a badass-chip-stealing rebel.

(click photo for larger view)

hot topic robot unicorn shirt, HUE leggings, KB socks, H&M cardigan, TWLOHA bracelet, DIY earrings, necklace from a fabric store, clarks


  1. Ahhh fudge sauce sounds very good to eat right now... your outfit is awesome, love your skirt!

  2. hahahah the moment when someone comes and your like striking whatever pose to the camera! haha it´s always an hilarious moment! Love the unicorn shirt.. i want a unicorn trend!!!! so it appears everywhere!!


  3. such a cute outfit thank u so much for visiting my blog I am following u dear!
    XX Ilana

  4. Cute outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    Fashion Cat

  5. Aaaah the blissfulness of fudge sauce :)
    ps: loving ur skirt A LOT.


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog hun!
    Your skirt is so lovely! And come on, who doesn't like fudge sauce?!


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am following you back!!


  8. i love chips too..:) fudge sause AWESOME.
    i love your skirt and shoes here.:)

    follow each other?
    ill follow back if you follow mine,deal?

  9. I definitely understand the picture taking scenario.
    Everyone but my dad is used to it now.
    sometimes they jump in the pictures to piss me off :P
    District of Fashion

  10. I love this outfit, the skirt the most. Thank you gorgeous! I was never in Paris too, haha but I really don't know how a clock-tower picture can make you think about Paris, even if the clock-tower picture is taken in London,haha :D

  11. you look awesome, love the skirt!


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