vests are best

I wore bulletproof vests, and my bodyguards had the option of having bulletproof vests - I bought five sets. -Ernst Zundel

Today I was feeling angsty, tired and lazy as I was getting dressed, and as of now I'm still feeling angsty and tired and lazy which is most definitely the reason it's been 4 hours since I've been home from school and I still haven't done any of my homework.

I really wasn't in the mood to have to think about what to wear today, so I decided to go for an "Angela meets Rayanne" sort of look where the outfit looks randomly thrown together, but also defines "tired teenager who doesn't care but at the same time does care and wants to look cool and love her outfit but doesn't have the energy to think or try on stuff and take off stuff so she just pulls out the basics and throws them on along with the attitude of I don't care if I look like crap, because I know that I look so crappy it's morphed into a STATEMENT outfit and I know this because I can feel your eyes staring me down with jealousy." (reality: someone shoots me a weird look. my eyes dart back and forth. "what, what? Did a bird just take a dump in my hair? TELL ME! I don't want to smell like endangered feces all day!" Person looks uncomfortable and walks away.)

Usually, my favorite thing to wear to school is my lace collared shirt under anything, paired with a random cardigan and then a skirt/shorts/pants (not all at once, usually only one of the three, I swear.) And then if I wear shorts/skirts I like wearing patterned tights/colored tights/and or leggings underneath because I like my outfits to be exciting and original because getting dressed is fun and I like looking like a creative individual who defies societies stereotype of teenage girls, because I just love defying stereotypes. (wait, what?). I also hate shaving my legs because it's a huge hassle and tights/and or leggings allow me to do that less frequently. Yay to stubbly legs!

Sucks/is awkward that I love wearing patterned tights/leggings due to the fact that I don't own any and desperately need to buy some, but sucks for me because that really isn't likely due to the fact that I tend to spend all my money on Reese's at lunch/break and/or Cup Noodles because I tend to eat all my packed lunch (courtesy of my mom) at break, leaving me super hungry at lunch. (Sidetrack Eva? Um, yeah. Oh, wait. Not really... um, this is kind of awkward so I'm just going to stop and go back to my potential point.) I really need/want desperately to have some patterned tights. I'm really open to all patterns, especially newspaper, skulls, Jesus, Frieda Kahlo, Kelly Osbourne, or Audrey Hepburn designs because those happen to be some of my favorite things ever. Well, not really Jesus. I'm not religious, but he looks cool printed on things and I totally respect him as a person and all his accomplishments throughout his life back in the day.

Notice how incredibly awkward I always look in the pictures I take? I used to try and look decent/"modelesque," but it's come to the point where all I really strive to achieve is a photo that doesn't make people feel so combatively uncomfortable that they turn away from the screen.

Sorry my outfit is so boring. I tried to jazz it up with this American Apparel vest that I got for $16 at a thrift store with my new HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS. I know right? Eva has friends! Don't worry, I'm shocked too. (no joke.)

I like using the Thesaurus on Dictionary.com because I like learning new interesting/knowledgeable words so I can sound smart and disguise my teenage laziness with a charade of intellegence for once, because I enjoy being smart and getting the most out of my education while learning new and interesting vocabulary words to use in my drab English papers.

I'm wearing an American Apparel blue vest, Hue corduroy jeggings from Nordstroms, oversized pullover from Wet Seal, a random chain worn as a necklace I bought at the fabric store, a headband from J. Crew, and I was wearing grey ankle Ugg boots from Nordstroms but I was feeling lazy and didn't want to wear them while I took pictures because I just really wasn't in the mood to walk downstairs and put my feet in a pair of boots.

Oh yeah! And that collage in the background is probably my most prized possession in my entire room. I made it myself out of pictures and cutouts from doubles I had of Teen Vogue and it took me ages and is now huge and big (4x3 feet) and beautiful. I'm really tired of my uber boring walls so I've planned to decorate them with colorful and interesting images and nick-nacks of all sorts that inspire me and make me happy when I'm dreading having to do things I hate, such as homework and studying, which is ironic since I just declared I love learning.

(click the pictures if you want a larger visual)


  1. wow your collage is amazing!
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  2. Hey Eva! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your collage, I could spend ages looking at it!! Would love to have you as a follower xoxo

  3. such a pretty vest! love it



  4. thanks for the lovely comment!
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  5. Your collage looks amazing! And haha I really like patterned tights,too but I don't have any :(

  6. I love that collage, I'm working with a similar concept but in a Journal to create a style book! Love your blog fun and exciting!


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