Back again.

You could say I took a moderate to significant blogging hiatus. I use this blog primarily to share my inspiration and aspirations, and for a bit too long my mind was on an inspiration declination. But now that tingly feeling that starts in my heart and spreads throughout my body has returned, and it's like that thirst for satisfaction has returned to me. 

I've been getting more interested in poetry. I like what I write but I hate performing so I'll probably never get the courage to share them with anyone. My poems are basically small expressions of my bottled up emotions that drag me down under into a black, confusing ocean - so deep I can't see through the salt water, losing myself in the darkness as I get lost while getting stronger. I don't express myself verbally, for my words get twisted in salty tears that wet my face with damp expression. I prefer art and pretty pros that romanticize my frustration.

I feel like going exploring, running down empty streets surrounded by hills, turning unknown corners just to see something nobody has bothered to notice before. I like the unconventional, the twisted, the senseless-confusion and the ugly that people pass by and choose to ignore. The insignificance that breathes life and story is what I long to discover and to hear. Permission is a hindrance that we accept and wait for. Action is a rhythm we strive to feel the beat for. Passion is the lust for life we long to grasp hold of as the birds above are heads fly swiftly, taking over. When will we take flight higher and higher, to the moon and into the galaxy that is ours to conquer. Don't wait for the yes that will push you forward, give yourself permission to discover your own glory.


    beautiful poem by the way

  2. Homework is extremely lame, love the twiggy picture !x

  3. Very cool photographs!

    x itsrainingblueumbrellas.blogspot.com

  4. You write beautifully. You shouldn't keep that hidden. Share it with the would.
    Seriously, once you perform once, performing again and again becomes easier and easier.
    Great photographs :)

    The Lovelorn

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  6. come back into the bloggosphere! I miss you!

  7. hellllo, i love your blog<3
    I'll definitely be coming back, I followed you as well.



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