ice cream screamin'

I'm wearing a vintage ski jacket from the 80s (courtesy of the mother), a Lady Gaga concert tee, Nasty Gal high waist jeans, Doc Martens, my purse is from a Tibetan store and I got the necklace from a street vendor. Ice cream is salted caramel and DELICIOUS. I also  included a couple screenshots from my tumblr.

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago on a summer outing with my friend Emily. We got ice cream and swung at the park for like an hour. I think simple days are some of the best - timeless and relaxing and glorious. The days where you feel excited when nothing is happening... those are my favorite kinds.

Later when we were on the bus, we were sitting near (I next to) this SUPER drunk guy that reeked of dirt and cigarettes and nastiness; he was being really loud and obnoxious. After continual announcements that he was gonna hurl, Emily and  I abruptly got up and moved seats. We ended up sitting near two twenty-somethings, and we chatted it up. They were super cool and nice and high. When they got off, Emily and I moved next to each other, and then suddenly the gross drunk dirty man appears in front of us and says, LET ME GIVE YOU GIRLS A BIG KISS. I'm just thinking, FUCK NO YOU SHIT HEAD GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I KICK YOU IN THE NUTS and I immediately bolt up and run off the bus as Emily shoves his face away and follows.

What an ass hole. I hope he falls in a gutter and breaks all his teeth.

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  1. Eva you are so sassy in your photos! i love it!
    p.s. I love your outfit


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