let my crazy run wild

Sup fools. I haven't done an inspiration post in a while so I thought I'd get on that. I've been diggin vibes lately and as my emotional state of mind is evolving and my desire for aesthetic perfection in all aspects of life and existence are becoming more aggressive in my head, I thought I'd just let it loose and let my crazy run wild.


Screen shot from the movie Sedmikrasky

David Bowie

Neil Krug

All photos are from tumblr, but tumblr being tumblr, sources tend to get lost in translation. I've sourced what I can, so let me know if you know who the artists are of anything that doesn't have a mention. I've also included some screenshots from my tumblr, because aesthetically it's heaven to me.


  1. i love all of these photos so much!! <3

    & thnx for including one of mine from tumblr~


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