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I hung out with my friend Sofia both yesterday and today. Last night was probably one of the most fun nights I've had this summer, which even I'm surprised about because we really didn't do anything. We ran into her older brother's friends while we were walking to my friend's old apartment (we were attempting to go to the roof and hangout -- I knew the code, but the mission was unsuccessful because we couldn't get to the stairs), so we ended up meeting back up with her older brother and his friends at her house and just hanging out outside. I think we all talked for an hour or two, about movies and music and life and our futures. It was probably one of the best conversations I've ever had, and it was even more amazing because her brother's friends had seen all the movies and TV shows that I am obsessed with, so we referenced up hella and bonded over being cultured about the same things.

I've learned that the best way to have a great time isn't to plan out what you're going to do, but just go with the flow and see what happens.

Today we just went around and took some photos. We (broke into?) a baseball field and took some shots and stole a few signs that we are planning on hanging in our rooms. 

I've also decided to cover my bedroom walls in bamboo panels.
Let's hope I actually do it.


  1. These photos are so nice! I wish my friends were into taking photos as much as me haha. And that night sounded perfect, I agree talking is one of the best ways to spend time and it's absolutely free :)


  2. Gorgeous photos! You are so creative, and so damn inspiring!


  3. i'm happy your night turned out so great. it's always stressful to feel like you have to make your own fun, sometimes you just gotta wait til the fun comes to you, as it did in the end! xo

  4. I love these photos, and I agree! Every year me and some family friends go camping and do nothing for a weekend, and that's definitely when I'm happiest:) I love your blog, and you two are gorgeous:) xox


  5. That kind of nights is the best. If you think about them, they are nothing special, but just make you feel good, right? Love these photos. Have a lovely weekend ^^

  6. I wanted to say that I love your blog: you are very talented and also very cute :-).
    Plus I love your style: the clothes you wear these photos are great, especially your pants, I love corduroy; it seems that this fabric was made for you.
    I hope my English is not too bad, I'm French and I do not speak English very well :-)


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