Andrea Kozma

Kozma created these oil paintings to reflect her impressions and sensations after viewing autopsies for her studies.

I came across this series by Andrea Kozma and was immediately fascinated. I loved the colors and textures. The paintings really made me feel something, which I think is so special to find in abstract work since it's such an interpretive medium.

When I saw this first painting (below), I did not see it as a representation of the human form, but after reading Kozma's statement, I find it so interesting how much the human form shows through each painting. It's a beautiful representation of the human body, and it's a representation that I have not seen yet, but is one I find extremely beautiful and intriguing.

This is my favorite piece, Inside I. 

60 x 80 I

Untitled IV

Untitled II

60 x 80 IV

Inside II

60 x 80 V

Untitled III

60 x 80 III

60 x 80 II

Untitled I


  1. These are so fascinating! They're such an interesting perspective as you said; very beautiful and very disturbing at the same time. Probably my favourite kind of art.

  2. These are amazing! I like how they are quite abstract, and not too clear as to what part of the body they are. It makes me think of how little most of us actually know about our own bodies, and how we are so shocked and scared of the very thing we are.



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