(out)fits of rage

It's so annoying, because even though my camera takes quality photos, they look like shit on here. What is going on????

Bikini Kill leather jacket is from Etsy, pants from Urban Outfitters, thrifted Pink Floyd shirt, thrifted gold  boots, DIY earrings (they used to be buttons on my carpet jacket), and the necklace I bought off a street vendor. I think it's made of bone.

FINALLY. It's been too long since I've done an outfit post. My room is so cluttered that it's hard to find the space to take photos without something ugly photo bombing. And it's too awkward to go to a different part of my house and take photos knowing my family would immediately interrogate me and be annoying.

I will be dying my hair soon. Forrealz this time. Maybe bleached blonde or blue or somethin rad like that.

Anyway. I am currently STYLE WANDERING (lololololollolo so funny look at my blog url wow so funny). My style for the past couple months has incorporated the following vibes: hippie, minimal, muted. But now I'm feeling inspired and I want to create my own style rather than adopt a style I like.

People call me a hipster. For a while I guess my style was the stereotypical hipster style, but now I'm getting bored of that, and I realized that I didn't create my style, I just found one I liked and copied it. I want to create my looks, wear my personality, and use my clothes to become a new work of art everyday.

I paint obsessively, and I do a couple paintings a week. I love it.
I love having the time to paint, because during the school year I never did.
I think once school starts, I may start waking up earlier so that I can paint in the mornings since I probably won't have the time to after school. Sleep is something I'm willing to sacrifice, because being creative kind of keeps me sane.

I want to channel that into my style - channel an artist-vibe into what I wear. It's important to me to represent my interests, personality, and passions through my clothes, because to me, clothes are a canvas, billboard, and advertisement you can use to represent who you are or who you want to be.

The first three photos are of a painting I did today. 
The second photo is of a portion of another painting I also did today.
The last photo is of two paintings I did back in June.

I use acrylic paint, water, and pom poms in most of my work. I don't usually use brushes.

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  1. i LOVE your outfit so much. that pink floyd shirt is so awesome and perfect <33

    I have been through so many fashion phases, too. I kinda feel confused sometimes because I want to dress Rookie-ish and kawaii and totally hippie and punkrock and a mix of every decade at the same time. and then I'm just like "Why not". Because, really, you can wear whatever you want to, whatever you feel like yourself in it. Being categorized kinda oppresses these opportunities, that's why I hate it when someone calls me hipster because I CAN BE WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE TODAY.
    Just go, mix everything you like and love, that's how personal style works. <3 you will look incredibly beautiful.



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