in pairs we must go

American Apparel crop top, Nasty Gal jeans, Doc Marten mary janes, my friend's grandma's sweater (it's Noah's Arc themed!), Frida Kahlo necklace, DIY earrings.

Hello hello! I wore this outfit earlier this week to go hangout with Emma and Emily of the Do Not Enter Diaries and some of their friends. They were visiting SF as an end-of-high-school-hurrah. Emma and I had been emailing prior to their visit, and she asked if some friends and I would want to meet up with them and go thrifting, and I was like DUH.

It was a super fun day full of thrifting, eating, and discussing the validity of One Direction (valid), the woes of middle school, and dozens of movies and bands and books. Overall it was probably one of the best days of summer I've ever had. My friend Emily and I had a joyous time hanging out with the Fab Five and we all decided to meet up for dinner at Mel's the following night, in which we dined on salads and fries because everybody was full from a diet of ice cream and junk food that all teens strictly follow during the months of June, July, and August.

I will be posting more pictures of the venture in a later post.

From left to right: Zoe, Katie, Sabrina, Emma, Emily, and me, with my friend Emily playing photographer in this one.


  1. Love this outfit and ahhhh so fun!! It's so great to make new friends. That sounds like an after school special but.......yes.

    Greta xoxo

  2. What camera do you use? Its really good:)

    1. It's a Nikon Coolpix P510.
      I think they have a newer version out now.
      If you get the camera and have questions about settings and stuff just shoot me an email :)

  3. THAT SWEATER IS SO KAWAII. I have one very similar <3


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