the best coast is the west coast

I dig I dig.

ALOHA COMPADRES. Savvy is as savvy does, and low and behold, I bring you another outfit post. I'm quite proud of this look. It's got that mixed-print-grunge vibe going on and I dig it. I really like the mixed prints look, and combining different vibes, aesthetics, and textures in an outfit to make a cool, cohesive look with pieces you wouldn't normally think to put together. It's fun putting together weird outfits like this. I'm also really loving the flowy pants cuffed over boots with oversized jackets look. I just think it always brings for a really powerful, badass outfit. It's also very reminiscent of an 80s trend. (If you see weird color smears on me, it's paint). I've been practicing my pissed-bitch face and I think I earned an A++ for it in these photos. I wore this today to go hangout with my friend Maria. We went to Amoeba Records, and I got Best Coast, Nirvana, and a vintage Rolling Stone magazine from 1969. I almost died today because I discovered a BOOK AND ZINE (keyword here, ZINE) section at Amoeba. I almost peed my pants, but then realized that the zines they had weren't all that cool, but were kind of lame. Hopefully I find a diamond in the rough next time. 

I included some screenshots from my tumblr too. Usually the visual imagery I'm attracted to translates somewhat to my outfits, but lately it really hasn't. My style has been grungy as heck, while the aesthetics I really identify with are retro, psychedelic, and more raw imagery. I really love the art and photography I see on my dashboard, and I try to reblog as much of it as I can. 

Overall though it was a rad day. I got to see a McDonalds customer chuck food at an employee, and then watch the employee chuck the food back at the customer, without getting fired! I really learned a lot from that experience. The customer isn't always right at McDonalds.

I'm wearing an American Apparel cropped top, Doc Marten boots, Urban Outfitter pants, thrifted carpet coat, Frida Kahlo necklace that I bought from a street vendor, and DIY earrings I made from the buttons that were originally on this coat. I knitted a random piece of nothing, and I decided to tie it in my hair, and then I clipped a flower pin/hair clip on it that I got at a local boutique. 


  1. oh ! waw ! Your blog is nice !ohm your dr martens are awesome !!!!!

  2. Wooow Eva you look great! Love your docs, and I really need to reblog from your tumblr more often! xxx

  3. oh my god this outfit hadhjfhskfhaiw
    you are so amazing I want to be you so bad right now, you are so perfect omg <3


  4. You look really good and omg your tumblr is AMAZING!! Love love love


  5. Ah that jacket is amaaazing. And I'm so jealous I want to go to amoeba records so badddly and wow you're just the coolest basically

  6. I love Best Coast they are so good! Also, your docs are amazing and I love your style :)


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