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Summer is almost over. I don't really know what to think -- I'm disappointed because there is so much I want to do before school starts but I feel I have very little time left. For some reason it's so much harder to be creative and do things during school because there is always something hanging over my head - homework, tests, projects... it's just a big ball of stress that I hate.

Exploration is a theme I try to keep ever present in my life. My aspirations are often quixotic and seemingly unattainable, but I credit my drive to explore and take risks to my determination and curiosity. To me, exploring is creating, whether it's in my paintings, photographs, or attempts to make everyday life into what feels like a movie scene. Perhaps all of that is superfluous, but it keeps things interesting, new, and my heart racing. 

Sometimes I feel like all the stress that comes with school robs me of my curiosity to explore. It seems there is never enough time to take a deep breath and delve into a project without suddenly remembering a test I need to study for or an essay that needs to be written. School forces you to constantly live in the what's to come rather than living in the now. It's as if you're invariably running a race where the finish line keeps moving further and further away from you, forcing you to keep running faster and faster while inadvertently ignoring what you could discover and create if you simply took a moment to stop and walk through the unfamiliar.

School makes you rush through life. You learn to ace the test, and then you learn some more to ace the next one. There is no time to understand, explore, or question the information presented to you. Everything is incontrovertible. Respect is demanded rather than earned. Teachers are far from impartial. Sometimes it seems that schools are more corrupt than government.

These are a selection of photographs that have been saved on my desktop for quite some time. I've kept them because they intrigue me, excite me, and inspire me. To me these photos and artworks represent what is out of my reach, but something I soon hope to grasp. 

My favorite Gustav Klimt piece

Marie-France Pizier

Matto Cocci

I think this is a vintage photograph of New Zealand

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  1. These is just amazing photos! So inspiring.
    I am too really sad that summer is ending, that is soo sad! cheer up bby, school is not that bad for people who are creative, cause even with all the stress that is on, we still can be creative and perfect in our difference.



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