oh those summer nights


Freedom tastes so sweet. I feel light as a feather. Everything is so sunny and warm even when the sky is overcast and foggy and the clouds are gray like concrete.

peace peace peace peaceful day.

I hate my bedroom.

It makes me cringe, having to look at it.
I want to paint it with yellows and oranges and reds.

My posters don't seem to belong where they've been taped.

I just need to figure it all out..

Summer Bucket List 2013:
1: explore
2: make room amazing
3: fall into a daze in your own world
4: take photographs of everything
5: stay out all night in a diner, people watching
6: take portraits of friends
7: enjoy the sun
8: find a secret place
9: make art
10: henna him
11: have him henna me
12: that boy...

Photos by Petra Collins of Tavi's bedroom


 petrified wood

beautiful bedroom with Winona

my dream.

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  1. lovely photos, they just make me want summer even more, only a few weeks to go!


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