My room is in the process of being redecorated, as it seems to be every summer. I want to repaint the walls yellow, and the trim blue. It's my favorite color combination and reminds of my Mexican styled homes I've been in and adored. I'm planning on moving my bed somewhere, so I can put my record player, records, favorite books and trinkets under my windows. A little shrine to things I love. Things I'll include on that shrine will be my copy of Kurt Cobain's journals, my copy of Frida Kahlo's journals, the books Just Kids, Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, 1000 Journals Project, The Friday Night Knitting Club, Weetzie Bat, Rookie Yearbook, and my Mexican folk art coloring book. Things will obviously be added to it over time, but I feel like my room is lacking that special shrine of things I want to see everyday and worship as if they were the Gods to my religion. I'll also include all the zines I've collected, my Rolling Stones, Hi-Fructose, and National Geographics (vintage). I'll include my Italian Vogue magazine and glass necklace (which I wear most everyday) that my dad got for me when he visited Italy, and my Banksy and Warhol art books that I will leave open on either side of my record player, every morning turning one page in each as my ritual to the sun rising. 


  1. in every picture there's something which makes me scream because it's so amazing. <3 you're beautiful.


  2. Eva you are so pretty and ahhhh I'm incredibly jealous of your room... <333


  3. That shrine sounds so amazing, like I can't even describe how cool I think all the objects you described are. Also, I hope this doesn't sound too creepy, but from these photos with the anti-war poster and henna and everything, and also your writing style, I am just in love with the vibes that your blog gives off. It seems like you can find so much beauty in things, and your art//photos//writing shed off this sense of pure beauty which is so wonderful. I'm in awe. <3

  4. Wow your room is amazing mine is just a pile of junk yours is intersting and beautiful pile of cool objects! xx

  5. I love all these photos, Eva, they're so amazing!


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