The Wandering

Hello fellow teenz. So I think I made a post about The Wandering a little while ago in January, but it has really grown a lot since then.

So back in the eves of January, I felt like there wasn't a place for teens to freely share and get acknowledged for their creative work with guaranteed publication. As a result, I started The Wandering, a collective established purely for the publication of teen art and writing. Below are a few of my favorite visuals from The Wandering. 

by Isobel

by Maya

by Judith

by Dani

by Orla

by Rachel

by Dani

There is also quite a bit of written work: poems, stories, diaries, rants, and more.

The Wandering is still eager to get new contributors, so if you're interested check out this here link. Regular contributors submit three times a month. If you still want to contribute but feel you may not be able to do that, you can always submit your work here (be sure to read the fine print for info on what to do if submitting through the tumblr isn't working).


  1. Eva, I'm really proud to be part of the Wandering...thank you for starting this <3

  2. JESUS I'm honored that you chose my piece! Thank you so much. I love the Wandering-- it really is amazing to see so much beautiful teen art and writing all in one place.

  3. BB THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR PUTTING 2 OF MINE ON HERE ILY 4EVA*<3 and i'm sorry there was so much trouble about that rocky horror drawing, i still feel bad about that :// the wandering is so great, and i love how everyone can contribute rather than a chosen few omg UR SO FAB 4 MAKING IT <3 <3 <3

    *do u see what i did there... 4eva.... eva... cus ur name is eva..... ok nvm

    1. ahh! i'm glad you like it! and don't feel bad about the rocky horror thing, it's a totally justifiable misunderstanding!! just keep making your great creations!!

  4. This is beautiful and I would love to contribute x (will apply tonight)



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