i'd love to be a flower child

I suppose we could all say we're familiar with the term "flower children," a 60's term for the radical hippies that rocked the socks off that decade. I prefer saying flower children over hippies because it sounds really cool and foggy-pastely-wes anderson type movie-esque and just way cooler and more appealing than "hippie." I unabashedly admit to classifying myself as a flower child in the sense of "daisy chains meets crowns made of shit meets lots of flowery printed things/clothing/hair clips meets hanging out in fields of grass with daisies/nature meets listening to unknown music/bands meets trying too hard to be alternative meets hunting down thrift stores for used clothing." Clearly, my definition of flower child(ren) does and does not meet the definition of a flower child from the 60's. Due to the fact that I wasn't born in the 60's and am too lazy (considering it's 12:15 am and my "being a night person" is causing me to want to be AMBITIOUS when the rest of the world is ASLEEP or RAVING (yeah not for me I keep it classy with my butt glued to my desk chair while busying myself on my computer all day and reading books and decorating my room with pretty things that make me SMILE like a toothless baby smiles at Ronald McDonald.) So here is my inferential view and photo diary (via google images, and it's a pretty skimpy photo diary but my next post about flower children will be of much better photo diary worthiness) of 1960's flower children and their epic pwnage of the decade known for getting high and going on marches and protests about how much war sucks ass! (Which it does. I hope I get to go on a anti-war protest/march one day. It's on my bucket list, because I'm awesome and have a bucket list at 15 because I'm OCD about lists, even lists of thing I have to do before I die. See, I'm proactive. I plan ahead.) I guess I don't meet the drug (weed) standards necessary to be a FULL FLEDGED MODERN DAY FLOWER CHILD but that's cool because I take the low road in this case. (VERSUS THE HIGH ROAD HAHA LAUGH GUYS I'M FUNNY LOOK AND MY HUMOR.)

I suppose you could say I admire flower children more for their effortlessly cool and suave style and their peace-y-ness. I am totally a peace person and someone who hates war and violence and animal cruelty (speaking of animals, we have a mouse in my house and it's giving me a heart attack because I am scared it is going to come into my room and I'll see it and flip a shit, but I don't want it to die. I just want a member of my family that isn't me to gently capture it and free it in a nice grassy street island.)

Here are some rockin' flower children in their kick-ass painted bus. This is pretty much my dream car: tons of space for all your friends and it's perfect for laying roof-laying during late nights on the beach when you don't want to get sand down your pants but still want to look classy. Source


What's better than a peace sign? Um, HOW ABOUT A PEACE SIGN MADE OF DAISYS ON A GRASSY FIELD. I love this photo. It is pretty much the definition of a perfect summer. Doesn't this photo just scream "happy summer" to you?!!!?? Source

More flower children most likely high and dancing to some acoustic song being played at an outdoor concert on a cool summer's day. I see a ton of spectacular flower crowns and capes and head scarves and muted colors and just an epic amount of visual awesomeness and satisfaction. Vintage/retro photography is so much better than all this modern day HD shit. HD just needs to fuck off. Source


Best photo in the world no question. It really speaks the truth in a way ignorant people can finally grasp. Source

In honor of trying to capture the wondrous essence of the glorious flower children, I decided to make my own flower crown. I had a bunch of fake flowers lying around my room because I have PIO (Personification of Inanimate Objects) which causes me to give detailed personalities to inanimate objects that have no emotional capabilities what-so-ever! This means that I am pretty much incapable of throwing stuff out, meaning my room is messy and full of bits of string and things I believe to have personalities or sentimental value or will have DEFINITE USEFULNESS someday. Sometimes I worry I may be one of those people who ends up on Hoarding: Buried Alive, but then I decide that that will never happen, because I usually make all my random crap into cool other crap!! So the laying around crap+crap I make into cool stuff cancel each other out, leaving my crap-meter (ew that sounds disgusting) neutral. INSERT TRANSITION: So I'm thinking of making a ton more of these crown-type things (which are EXTRAORDINARILY COMFORTABLE because the headbands are lined with FELT.) I'll probably make them with various materials such as barbie heads with the symbolism of "screw society and their fucked up ideas of beauty and the fact that I just really hate barbies and enjoy ripping their heads off their bodies!!" and other ones made of letter blocks and random things I find lying around my room+ebay!

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