tvs? um, yes.

Not really much to say here. I watched The Virgin Suicides for the first time a couple of months ago, and took a ton of screen shots in the process. I liked the eery-ness of the entire movie, and the little glimmer of hope that always seemed visible throughout all the sadness. I felt like there was a whimsical, dreamlike essence too. Holy shit this is so annoying, I keep trying to write the next sentence that should be where this sentence is but my tired ass brain is being a bitch and I can't think straight. Wow, that sentence sounded so mean and hostile. 

My style has changed yet again. For a couple weeks I was really into the whole "LOOKING AS WEIRD AND AWKWARD AS POSSIBLE!" style, but now I'm really loving the whole "skirts and pastels and looking like a gentle, harmless fairy even though I'm a rather aggressive person. Lace is good too, and Docs would go well with this phase. I'm really loving maroon docs and dark purple ones. Maroon would be so cute though" style. I think when I finally discover my actual style, my wardrobe will be like some shopping mall threw up, and I'll have this "hot topic mixed with Forever21 mixed with Cotton On mixed with J. Crew mixed with American Apparel mixed with Urban Outfitters" bipolar mess. Though I don't think I'll mind the day when my closet becomes this bipolar explosion. It will be rather interesting to have my defined style and being able to incorporate all these other styles into it. I recently watched the episode of Jane by Design (such a great show if you love fashion and hot guys and mohawks and cute clothes and adventures) and they did this "Punk Marie Antoinette" collection that made me so happy. It was basically everything I loved. It was like a fairy mixed with Kathleen Hanna or something and it just rocked my world. TOTES INSPIRING. 

Mkay well since I said I wouldn't write much I'll stop now. Enjoy the photos! I feel pretty "blogger mainstream" uploading all these TVS photos, because practically every blogger has some ridiculous obsession with TVS. (PS: sorry for the like, bajillion photos of TVS. I liked them all too much to delete any/) I'll make more exciting posts later this week! Outfit posts coming soon!

I love diaries! I'm about to finish the one I've been using for the past FOUR YEARS!

sweater vests <3

floral dresses <3

Love this!!!

Woah, look, Trip's a cupcake...


PEOPLE LOVE TREES! Doesn't this remind you of Anne Frank?!?!


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