it's not easy being green

Ew... I wore this outfit earlier this year. I'm one of those people whose styles changes everyday, and looking back on this outfit I honestly want to vomit. It is in no way me and I'm getting really angry looking at it. I think it's time for me to go on a style pilgrimage... my Mecca can be finally discovering my style/a group of styles that suit me/styles that I like and identify with. I feel like I shouldn't be attempting to define my style, but I hate looking back at what I wore and feeling like I was misrepresenting who I am. I'm not saying this outfit is trashy/tacky/ugly/boring/amazing, I'm just saying it isn't me. I'm definitely in that stage of my teen grrrl life where I just have no idea who I am. It really bothers me, because it's hard to be confident and feel secure when you aren't sure who you are. But I guess the journey is part of the fun. My current style phase is super boho, but I have a feeling by Friday it will be something completely different. Style wandering is definitely my hobby. But right now I really have to go because I have to finish eating my eggs, write a history essay and do a science lab report (barf.) 

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