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I used to and still do sometimes try so hard to be different. Well, not really trying super HARD, but I try to make the effort to stand out as unique and individual and independent. I think it's in part due to the fact that I really do not want to conform or become average and typical. I want to have many layers and be one of those kids that stands out! I definitely march to the beat of my own drum though, and have my own ideas and opinions and do what I want. I guess I just have this unconscious anxiety of becoming typical and boring and conforming to societies standards and typicalities. Last year I tried to look and act so Rookie, but it's hard trying to be something and dress in a way that you aren't or don't feel comfortable in. I'm totally 100% a feminist, but I don't really feel totally comfortable in that Rookie style. I do love collars and crowns and stuff, but I wear collars and crowns in my own way, which veers away from the Rookie way. I love my style now, though. It's bohemian-ISH, but more tribal and earthy. I don't really wear pink or ruffly dresses, it's just not me. My outfits are definitely less exciting than they were last year, but I feel so much more comfortable with myself now that I'm not trying to dress a certain way that isn't really me. And even though my style is more relaxed and simple, I'm still unique and individual and independent. Heck yeah. Life is Life.

Yay for tween-teenage evolution.

Carrie screencap

Rachel Trachtenburg looking perfect.

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  1. I know your feeling. I was struggeling to find my own style, and I think the way I dress now is really close to it. It's so important to dress the way you want to. And your style's amazing.

    anyways, great post! those pictures are awesome. <3


  2. I totally understand, I felt the same way but the funny thing is I started being more comfortable/dressing more comfortably BECAUSE of Rookie, LOL. And I'm still trying to find my personal style so the themes of my outfits are everchanging, though more 'out there' than pre-Rookie.

    And also, cool photos!

  3. Ah, Eva! I've always known about your blog and have visited a few times before but I just realized I was never following you - don't worry, I've fixed that. I'm your newest follower! We both contribute to Atelier Indigo :)

    I know, I was having a little crisis like that as well. My friends all dress in very mainstream ways, Tumblr being the predominant influence over them. I guess I don't even have a particular style, really. I honestly wear what I like to, and some days I can be really whacky and unique. Some days, I just wear normal jeans and a t-shirt, but it's only because I feel confident and happy in it. In my opinion, that's what style's all about. If you feel confident blending in with the rest of the world, by all means, wear mainstream clothes. If you feel confident standing out, then by all means, stand out. It's really that simple, and I'm glad I understand that more this year.

    I've realized the fashion industry is pretty judgmental sometimes. They're certainly trying to open up - take a look at Vogue magazine, they not only champion appropriate, pretty clothes for women but they also showcase weird and wacky looks and how to achieve them. It's all about being open-minded and embracing different peoples' different styles.

    Lovely, thought-provoking post, Eva! Have an amazing day! (:

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
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  4. Urgh there is so much perfection in this post, where do I even begin.
    Once you start thinking about what you wear as literally more than what you wear which is what we blogger gurls do then it suddenly becomes stressful and shit. I have been taking a break from thinking about fashion for the last few weeks and have been wearing some check h&m jeans and various band t-shirts and eyeliner and studs and just being like THIS IS MY TEENAGE GOTH PHASE DO NOT TALK TO ME OR I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY LASER EYES and it felt really liberating. Every time I start getting stressed about what I wear I just try taking a step back and getting it all into perspective because at the end of the day it's all about what you enjoy and stuff.
    Wohhooooo for articulate comments!

  5. I have experienced exactly the same thing and to know others out there understand this kind of worry as well is weirdly comforting and reassuring. It sounds like something so simple, but when you want to express some kind of feeling in your own clothes in can become sometimes hard to communicate all these different mediums into something you like and won't feel completely out of place in.
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