heavenly creatures

I watched Heavenly Creatures today. It was literally so beautiful and sad and disturbing. It was mostly tragic though. I can imagine Shakespeare writing a long, dramatic play about something like that.

How dost thou view the night?
Tis rational to see the stars when they ought not to be seen?
The lands of dreams call to me. Borovnia? Why dost thou not come to me.
I see you sleeping, are thine eyes closed? Or tis simply my blindness preventing my senses from taking a breath of  your pure sweetness.
We shall not be separated. You the night and I the day. We are apart and yet together. 
The sun and moon cannot survive without each other, just as our lungs and leg would coil up and die without one another.
Separation is worse than death. Is the fourth world where we may find happiness?
Gina, Debora, Charles, Diello! The people of my soul. You align me with the ingenue of grace and immortality.
Soft? Oh not so, sir! Look over the mountain's peak, do you see the clouds? Walk towards them, allow them to envelope you. consume you, entice you. 
Let the candles burn your memories as the brick turns red with the warm thickness of blood.
I can feel the death. My eyes scream to the world of my wrong doing. What tis done tis done. It had to be so, for it is not my time to entice death with my presence.
The sun and the moon must remain together. And they shall.

Two friends becoming so obsessed with each other that they turn to outrageous resolutions in order to stay together is such a crazy, seemingly abstract idea to society. I can understand it to a certain degree, but not to the degree of murdering your mother to abstain from a potential separation! The murder scene was exorbitantly disturbing. After I watched it I ran downstairs and hugged my mom and stayed and sat next to her for a while and watched TV with her. Kate Winslet is so incredible. I loved her character, Juliet, in the movie, not including her insanity and murderous intent and stuff. She was just so exuberant and passionate about so many things and unapologetically herself. She was loud and bold and confident, and it was just so inspiring and intriguing to see this really smart, creative, and independent character take such drastic action in varying scenarios. I feel odd saying this, but I felt I could relate very much to Juliet (not the murderer part) in that she was so creative and unabashed and strong and passionate about things she cared about. She was so, so, so relatable and cool. Pauline... I don't know. It's funny, because Pauline scared me while Juliet was this incredibly intriguing character. Pauline was intriguing too, but I didn't relate to her as much.

world's greatest bitch face.


  1. I've wanted to see this for a while, even more now!

  2. kate winslet look amazing in the pictures; thanks for the review I'll def watch it! :)

  3. omg watching this asap

    i saw it on rookie but I forgot what it was called... and it's streamable on netflix!!! omgomg


  4. Ah you write such great reviews! The craziest thing is that it is based on a true story. It also happened where I live, and I have been to where they murdered the mother. It is cool seeing my city in a movie which I suppose for people in places like America it could be quite common but living in a place like Christchurch where nothing ever happens it's pretty damn awesome!

    Alannah :)

  5. Ahahhaaa worlds greatest bitchface! so good. and this film sounds kind of scary but I might even watch it. Like your blog!



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