alien creature

I have been drawing a hawk in art class lately. It's coming along really nicely. I can't draw things I don't enjoy drawing, which is why my art homework's are so terrible, but I really enjoy drawing the hawk. It's in graphite pencil and is totally stylized but still really good. I'm really proud of it. I'll post a picture tomorrow. 

I'm getting really bored with my hair. I think I'm going to buy some dark brown hair dye as well as some blonde and red and just dump it in my hair and see what happens. I have a lot of split ends but I don't really mind them. I like dry hair, I think it's prettier than really silk smooth hair, because then it's wavy and course and textured and interesting.

judging you pensively

no words. no words.

um... okay... like, what the heck.

did anybody just see me talking to you? i hope not.

trying to smile. but what you said really wasn't funny.

oh, you beauteous being. johnny my man.

mad world.


  1. WOW! your face makes me feel really intimidated and scared, mucho excellente bitchfacing!!!
    awesome inspiration!

  2. hey Johnny, let's kiss

    you're really beautiful!

  3. The dye idea sounds fun, just mixing them all together. I should try that.


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