glass castle

I hung out with my friend Hye-Won a while ago. I took some photos with my Minolta and recently got the film developed. They came out really blue but I like it! It's probably because I was messing with the exposure and aperture and stuff. Or Walgreens fucked up. We went to this secret spot I love right above a train station. There was this little patch of dirt near where we were sitting. It was kind of in a small alcove type thing that was covered with graffiti and glass and cardboard. People put their empty beer bottles through the branches of the trees and it looked really cool. I took some photos of her there. While we were there we found a cat, and it looked skinny so I ran to the corner store and bought it a little tin of cat food. It ate it and we petted it, and then it left. It was really cute and sweet. This was the first time I actually used my film camera, so when I attempted to wind the film so I could take out the roll, I did it wrong and open the back flap for a split second, which is where the light leaks came from! I love them though. They make the pictures look so great!

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  1. These photos are so pretty! I love them all!

  2. ah. those photos are totally lovely! What a wonderful shoot... <33 seriously, totally awesome.

    and your friend. is. super. pretty.

    arrgh how amazing.


  3. these are absolutely beautiful, Eva!


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