just kids

Wow. Today I got an iPhone 4, and I feel like a new woman! I was in desperate need of an update from my old phone from 8th grade, and since nobody wants iPhone 4's since the iPhone 5 has come out, iPhone 4's are being sold for spankin good deals! It's white and as beautiful as a fluffy marshmallow in hot chocolate on a cold rainy day with the absence of sun and positivity gleaming from the sky. I love it.

I'm currently sitting down, refraining from studying for my finals by dousing my taste buds in Ibarra hot cocoa as well as Cheez-Its, the world's finest cheese-cracker creation. The hot cocoa's delicious sweetness is too tempting- I can't wait for it to cool, can't wait for the marshmallows to melt into a gooey concoction; I have to drink it right now. My tongue may be burnt, but I am satisfied.

I pick up a Cheez-It and begin to chew, licking the cheese powder from by thumb and forefinger. Dang. That's good.

As technology evolves, I remain the same. A kid.

Just Kids.

Photography by Robert Mapplethorpe. He is so cool.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith

Robert Mapplethorpe

Andy Warhol

two men.


  1. You are always getting the best presents ever. two pairs of docs, an iPhone... (btw, I LOVE how you have described it! I neeeeed one!)
    And I always loooove your posts - the way you are writing always makes me smile, because it's so perfect!
    And the picture of those two man. Damn, so awesomesauce!!!


  2. Oh Patti. <33 enjoy the ipohne.


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