poison ivy

*this photo isn't from "Poison Ivy," but it's really pretty and is an accurate representation of the aesthetic i wish encompassed my life daily. drew's hair is the prettiest shade of pink ever, and the flowers are so pretty and this picture is just so pretty and perfect. her chipped nail polish also adds a special down-to-earth feel other than the fact that she is literally down to the earth. i just love this photo, i think it's one of the prettiest i've ever seen.

i just finished watching Poison Ivy. It was my first time seeing the movie. I loved every minute of it. It was so perfect and tragic. I felt the characters were lost and delirious, searching for home and belonging in a world tangled with weeds. Some may say Ivy was one of these weeds, but I disagree. You could see how pure she was, how genuine and down to earth. Perhaps her moments of depth and connection were merely snippets of her manipulative nature, but to me she was hopelessly lost - left blinded in a world unfamiliar to her. There is this one line where Ivy says something like, "My mom was dead long before she died." And to me, (SPOILER ALERT), Ivy was dead long before her body left the earth. It seemed the entire movie was documenting the slow decline of her death and demise. 


  1. i love this movie! i adore both their outfits throughout the whole movie and how angsty Sylvie was

  2. I love her looks throughout the film and that picture of her at the beginning of the post is just aesthetic perfection!


  3. she is so perfect! i haven't seen the film yet, though... doh, i should've put it on my christmas list u_u


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