menorahs and trees

Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmas/Solstice/other December holidays! I'm Jewish and an avid Hanukkah celebrator, but my family ironically opens presents on Christmas day and then consumes endless amounts of bacon to suffice our hunger.

This is honestly the most beautiful Christmas tree I've ever seen. Being Jewish, our house is regularly lacking a Christmas tree. I've proposed getting a Hanukkah bush, but the idea was shot down, as well as my dream for a bush as beautiful as this tree. It's okay, our menorahs make up for the lack of holiday foliage.


  1. same! heck yeah being Jewish! I'm actually half Jewish half Catholic so we do a big Christmas and a tiny Hanukkah that pretty much involves getting magazine subscriptions. Hope you're having a nice holiday~
    oh and that picture is gorgeous!

  2. Merry... hanukkah :DD seriously a awesome tree!


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