16 Candles

I am officially 16 years old! I am at the pinnacle of my teenage years, and let me tell you, life is going swell. My birthday was on May 19, but I'm just getting around to posting about it because I really wanted to experience the essence of being 16 before I made a post about it and all the awesome shit that comes along with it.

First of all, I can finally sing along to this amazing song and have it actually be true! I am OFFICIALLY 16 going on 17. It feels great, I must say!

Second, I can actually have my license now! This isn't to say that I actually have my license, let alone my permit, but once I get my license I am free to venture into the world of Teen Road Trips! I actually had a conversation about this with my friend a few weeks ago, and he and I agreed that you cannot be a so called "teenager" without having the teen road trip experience of friends/no parents/adventure/soda pop/old beachie music/beaches/BOYS. Yup. Life is Life.

Third, I can actually watch Sixteen Candles and (since my family didn't forget my birthday) actually live vicariously through Molly since, in fact, her character is 16 while I am also 16! THE EXCITEMENT IS OVERWHELMING FOKES!

My birthday was moderately fun though. I say moderately fun because my friend's friend hung out with us for like, six hours. So I'm just going to tell you what happened and pretend like she wasn't there. I hung out with my two best friends, and we looked all cool and awesome. I wore this thrifted floral flannel, a hippie-headband-scarf-thing my mom gave me that morning for my birthday, some Doc Marten mary janes, and this little woven backpack I thrifted. And pants. Obviously.

My friend Sammy and her mom gave me this really pretty pink peony flower that I still have, and my mom gave me a bouquet of flowers too! They're in my room as we speak! Just permeating my room with flowery, springtime essences of joy! My other friend, Seána, got me this really pretty necklace that I broke and am meaning to fix, and then I got a camera from my parents, yay! Better quality blog photos coming soon, friends! Anyway, my friends and I went to this park and chilled on a field with tons of other hippie-esque people. Everyone in the park seemed to be stoned, but they were all really chill and nice and people were playing music and strumming their guitars and I was just totally overwhelmed with 60s/70s vibes. It was awesome. After that my friends and I went to eat at In N' Out Burger and it was tremendously satisfactory and delicious. We got to stare at random high schoolers going to their prom, decked out in ugly satin dresses with sequins.

Me looking glorious on my birthday!

Enjoy your lives, my humanoids! Summer is upon us! Life is, finally, life! The thrill awaits!


  1. Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous!

  2. happy bday! welcome to the 16 club!

  3. Happy birthday! Love the outfit!

    Mine was the day before yours, same age as well... that excited me so much because pretty much NOBODY is born in May. You're so lucky you can get your license now, I live in Australia so I have to have a learners permit for 2 years before I get my license when I'm 18. But still, how exciting is driving?

  5. Great Jacket!

    Annest X


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