teen spirit in a mundane fashion

I have been in such a terrible mood. I've seriously come home everyday from school and just wanted to crawl into my bed and cry. This makes absolutely no sense, considering usually my school days are decent. People are nice to me, I talk to my friends, make new friends, laugh, get good grades, and then I just get into these horrible mood funks and life sucks. I feel so selfish when I'm in those "ihatemylifeleavemealoneijustwanttocrywhydoesntanyonelikemeifeelsoalone" moods, because I feel like I really have nothing to be unhappy about. I have a really good life, and yet I'm still unhappy... WHAT IS THIS? I suppose this is most likely just the so called "average teenage girl mood swings" but it just SUCKS. I want to be happy, and yet I feel more unhappy, than happy? It's just so weird and life is so emotional and complicated even though my life really isn't complicated at all and is actually quite simple compared to most of the shitty stuff people go through.

Here is a playlist I made to help express teen angst and longing. I sound so mundane, it's kind of pathetic. I've seriously been so boring though lately. The reason I haven't posted any outfits recently is because I've been too tired to dress decently in the mornings. I'm losing my motivation, this is not good! I need to get some new clothes to help inspire my obsession for dressing.

I'm in the mood to post some photos, so here are some that have been on my desktop for ages. I've lost most of the sources, so if you know the source just let me know.

screen shot from The Heathers, four unknowns, poem by E. E. Cummings, Tim Walker, picture from Where the Wild Things Are, unknown, unknown.

I wish my life was like these photographs, all pretty and interesting and mysterious and quirky and stuff.


  1. Yes! This is excatly how I feel somtimes! I have had a good day, I've done well in school, and I haven't gotten into any arguments with my parents or had a bad day with my friends, yet still I just want to listen to angsty hole songs and cry my eyes out while lying on the floor staring at the celing!

  2. Don't worry girl, it's so normal for you to feel that way, I felt like that a while ago when I was younger but you just have to keep looking forward rather than looking back or 'what's wrong?' try writing lists of things to look forward to, goals you want to make and achieve (long and short term) and you will find yourself getting excited which brings back a little motivation at times of sadness!
    I love these picture compilations by the way, so cool!

  3. eva! i know EXACTLY what you mean about the mood swings, sometimes I come home and lock myself in my room and write in my diary. I've looked back at some of the entries and they're actually hilarious, where I start rambling on about how I hate my friends and my family and the only person who understands me is a certain boy... ehem...and then when I read them I feel amused but also slightly ASHAMED. I think it's entirely normal and kind of crucial part of being a teen, after all, it is what you are expected to do when you're a teenager...


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