look i have bowling shoes!

Please, take a minute here. I, for one, am at a loss for words. So let's all just take a pause here to really stare at and appreciate the beauty of these three pairs of shoes.

Okay that's enough.

LOOK AT THESE SHOES OH MY GOD I CANNOT HANDLE THIS MADNESS I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH HOLY CRAP! Look, the pair in the middle are actually BOWLING SHOES! They actually have the 6 on the back, because they are, in fact, a size 6! They are bowling shoes that I actually wear, and actually love, and actually bought at a thrift store for only twelve dollars! THIS IS INSANITY. And not only are these bowling shoes incredibly unique and stylish and awesome, but now I can go bowling in MY OWN SHOES! Goodbye, smelly/used/dirty/sweaty/gross/fungus infected bowling shoes of the bowling company, and hello to bowling shoes of my very own! I can now dance and glide and throw balls down a lane in the comfort of my own shoes! Life is life!

The mary janes are DOC MARTENS. How cool?!?!?!!??! ASKFH:AHUDGH I love them so much, and I actually wear them like, practically everyday! They are so comfortable and blister inducing free! They are the peanut butter to my jelly, fokes! They are the answer to my prayers!

The maroon Doc Martens are also BEAUTIFUL. I love them so much! But they gave me HORRIBLE blisters the first time I wore them. Any tips on how to wear them without shredding your skin off? I've only worn them once, but they look awesome and they don't make my feet look huge. I love them.

I feel complete now that I have my Doc Martens and my bowling shoes! What a wonderful life. By far the nicest shoes I've ever owned, too! HAPPINESS IS A REALITY!

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