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Hello I am alive! I'm back! Look, these words you are reading are appearing because my fingers pushed the computer keys making these letters/words/sentences appear! Yay for the anatomy that keeps me alive! The reason I haven't posted in forever is because my life has really been going places lately. I've been in almost every weekend studying and procrastinating... when I get home from school I eat, do homework, procrastinate, eat some more, and rewatch My So-Called Life... again. I mean, seriously you guys-my life is jam-packed full of excitement! Can't you feel this thrilling tension flooding through your veins? It's like some "Livin' the Life Glitter" has been sprinkled into my blood. What. A. Thrill.

I love Noah and the Whale and I love this song and I love the excess of primary colors that send Wes Anderson vibes directly into my soul and I love the unconventional beauty of the girl and her awesome/beautiful teeth and I love watermelon. 

Here, enjoy these delicious collages that are edible for the mind. I stumbled upon this amazing tumblr that just posts collages of the awesome/mentally edible/amazing/perfect aspects of life and stuff. These are just some random ones I really like.

Rachael Shankman and Sammy Slabbinck, live-by-evil and Audrey Smith, Gemineye6 and Kanchan Collage, Brandon Spence and Jesse Treece, Sammy Slabbinck and Allen Ginsberg, Brandi Strickland and Captain Spezzo.

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