hello mickey

This is my favorite jacket. It's this semi-retro Mickey Mouse jean jacket from the disney store that blows the roof off my house with its awesomeness. I bought it from my friend for $3, and I wear it all the time. It definitely has some great 80s/90s vibes, which is perfect for my life and obsession with the 80s/90s. I feel like this 2012-ish era is going back to the styles of the 90s/60s/80s... grungy/neon/leggings/collars/bandanas/keds/ankle socks, etc, but then again maybe only my city is going back to those decades... WHO KNOWS. I am honestly so ashamed of how I've been dressing lately. It's just so mundane and typical, not original or exciting or daring or experimental at all! And I'm not hating on the more simple dressers or the world, I just really want to be a unique dresser, and I'm failing at doing so! I think part of the problem is that I haven't found my style niche, so I'm still trying to find my style comfort zone. I really need to start getting back into my weird-dressing stage of life. #YOLO (das da motto.)

I think my main issue here is that I am just extremely bored of my clothes, and I've basically exhausted all possible possibilities of ways to style/wear them. I just need to go on a major thrift store adventure and bring home a huge clothing haul of like, 20 items so I have TONS of new stuff to wear/style/make look awesome. I think awesome is an unappreciated adjective... people just feel that it's such a normal, boring adjective that they diminish all its great qualities and sassy essence.


Funk mood. Let's party.

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  1. I know the feeling i wear such shit clothes to work...bloody depressing..
    please check out my new blog x


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