that's so 70s

I love the look of extraneously long, light hair. I think it's absolutely perfect. 

Petra Collins

Drew Barrymore photographed by Mario Sorrenti, 1996.

I am very much in love with no one in particular.” -Ezra Miller

Petra Collins

Petra Collins

Sylvie Fleury

Nothing much to say as of late. I've basically just been diggin' 70s fashion and vibes lately; all the golden and sunset hues are kind of fueling my life and inspiration for art and aesthetics right now. Some 70s fashion is really bad, but other 70s fashion is absolutely perfect and incredible. 70s photography is also something I deeply enjoy and love with a burning passion. The 60s and 70s were really great time periods - ignoring the oppressions - because they were time periods of change and personal growth and discovery. It was all about the individual and living for one's self rather than trying to plan out a career path that would provide you with the biggest income. I like that. I watched this documentary yesterday called craigslist joe and it was kind of incredible and so inspiring and moving. It got be really excited about life and my future, and the opportunities I will have to explore later on. 

I've also been trying to be more creative in my journals and diaries. I usually just use them to vent and rant about things, but I want to collage and draw in them more and make each page beautiful and special. Minna's and Tavi's journal(s) really inspire me, and so do a lot of the submissions I receive from Teenage Diary.

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  1. yess the 70's is totally where i'm at right now. If i could live in disco jumpsuits and wooden platforms i gladly would do it.
    On diaries, I need to start getting on exploring my aesthetic in my journal. Right now it really is a place for me to be all "ZOMG I H8 MY LYF NO 1 UNDERSTANDS ME."


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