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This is a very important post. I just started one of two collectives I'll be establishing within the fine old month of January. The one I just set up is called Teenage Diary (but the URL is teenage-journals.tumblr.com). It's similar to Teenage Bedroom, in the sense that any person can submit, but rather than bedrooms it's diary and journals entries. Entries can be posted anonymously if the author requests as such. I've been obsessed with diaries and journals for a while and I've always thought it interesting to have a huge collective full of diary and journal entries from teens (past and present) of the world. Entries can be written, collaged, drawn, or whatever. Entries can be song lyrics, poetry, love letters never sent, sticker montages, etc. I hope you all submit and follow and spread the word!! I'll have more info about my second collective soon.


resolutions for the new year:
1: take more risks!
2: be brave
3: have A LOT of fun
4: do well in school
5: save money
6: finish at least 10 of the books i've already started
7: stop procrastinating
8: blog more
9: take more photos of my outfits
10: take more photos in general!
11: establish my collective by the end of january
12: finish redecorating my room
13: make lots of art
14: do more creative things in my journals rather than just rants.
15: hang up my tea bag collection
16: get more masks for my mask collection
17: get some tarot cards!
18: live life and be happy!

these are two of my favorite entries from Minna's journals. She is an artist for Rookie!

this is a college-drawing I made a few days ago. I didn't draw the face, I just cut it out and taped it. I did do the designs though. I originally drew the black pen design, thinking I would cover the entire paper in it. But then I found the face drawing and thought it would look awesome with the design, and then I drew a colorful design around it. It's supposed to represent insanity... I was thinking of putting a quote from Alice in Wonderland:
The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? 
[Alice checks Hatter's temperature] 
Alice Kingsley: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.


putting this lyric-esque thing I wrote,
"Someone call a doctor, I think I'm going crazy. I think I'm going crazy. Somebody save me."

What do you think I should put?

PS: I just received in the mail The 1000 Journals Project, The Diary of Frida Kahlo, and Kurt Cobain's Journals. They are all incredibly fantastic and I'll be posting photos of them soon! Happy New Year!! 


  1. AHHHHHH THAT IS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA EVER. I will totally, totally, totally be submitting. Plus my New Year's Resolutions and yours are like mirrored twinsy lists.

    And I LOVELOVELOVELOVE you drawing/collage. I'd go with the lyric thing you wrote, because I think it's brilliant and pretty and rad.

    Psychedelic Daisy

  2. I just visited your Tumblr, it seems awesome! I sent an entry, but nothing happend so sorry if i sent it to you 72900 times.
    I love that collage, it's so cool! Yu are really very super creative!

    1. sorry i mean you not yu! :)

    2. Maybe you could reblog it from my tumblr, or take it from my blog. It's the one on lined paper about a conversation. Just credit me on teenage diary! Thanks!

  3. I agree with Psychedelic Daisy, that is a great idea. I will also be submitting! I like the lyric you wrote best, have a nice new year :)

  4. your drawing is really cool! and i agree with the rest, go with your lyric thing. happy 2013!

  5. You probably know that I'm going to submit already because I liked the tumblr post! Such an excellent idea, i can't wait to see everyones' journals!


  6. The project sounds awesome!
    I like the second quote best :)


  7. I LOVE this! I'm submitting a letter to my current crush, because I'd honestly rather have people on the internet read it than him. -Britney


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