gotta love gotta love

Tried to write something meaningful. Couldn't write for shit. So yeah whatever...

Gotta love gotta love.

Being human is difficult. Sometimes I feel like my bouts of brief, depressive moods are inadequate and stupid, because I am fortunate and lucky and haven't been through extremely difficult, life changing experiences. I have a nice home and a nice family and I go to a nice school and I'm surrounded by nice people. Sometimes I feel guilty for hating everyone and being unhappy and wanting to run away, but then I remember that what I have been through is valid and I'm allowed to feel angsty and sad and unhappy and repressed and stressed out and angry once in a while. I think it's important to have perspective on situations, so if your brother smashes your favorite record, yeah it sucks ass, but at least your face didn't get smashed by some psycho on the street. Records are replaceable, your face is something that would be a little more difficult to repair.

I don't know if I'm the only one to feel guilty about being unhappy at times when I'm an extremely fortunate person, but I've learned that it's important to recognize that feelings are never inadequate or unworthy, and that having a home and having security in varying circumstances does not mean you aren't allowed to feel sad or angry or repressed sometimes. I think being off the wall emotional is healthy. Don't hold it in, just let it out and scream


  1. ok great post! as soon as i daw that the word scream was a link the voices in y head said,"if that is a hsm3 reference Eva is amazing!" and it was! you're so great

  2. I feel like this ALL THE TIME. especially lately i've been feeling super angsty and really hating everyone. And i was like "GOD, GWEN. everyone is adequitely nice to you and you have friends... stop having such a pity party!" But i really think that to have angst is to be a ~teen~ and that no one should feel guilty.
    also, i love the collage <3



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