creatures of the wind

I recently stumbled upon this AMAZING designing duo, Shane Gabier and Chris Peters, who are the genius behind the label Creatures of the Wind. I've never felt such a strong connection to any design label before, and I immediately fell in love with their Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection. I loved how it was so surreal and magical, but was full of badass and hardcore fairy-witch vibes rather than the typical magical vibes of "fragile cotton candy butterfly fairy who can die if you sneeze on her." I also loved all the deconstructed (was kind of getting some color blocking vibes but with patterns) looks and clothes, and how there were words written on the shirts and shawls which is awesome because it just makes the clothes even more intriguing. Not to mention there were collars on practically EVERYTHING. I was totally digging the longer skirt action, too. I'm so glad knee-length skirts are making a comeback, because I love them more than anything and it has been a challenge trying to hunt some interesting ones down at Goodwill when the world seems obsessed with mini skirts and hot pants (which is totally fine, just not my thing.) I was in LOVE with all the deconstructed plaid collared shirts. They are too beautiful to be called "flannels" so I am going to try and think of a worthy title to give them. I honestly could just go on and on about how I love every single little detail in all of these clothes, like the lace detail on the shoulders, the plaid dress with the sweater, the neon shoe straps, the Stephen King vibes that make it all the better, and the fact that a Bernard Herrmann song would go perfectly with the aura of the entire collection.

photos from vogue.com

And lastly, I'd like to add a picture of me being witchy, in spirit of all these ethereal, haunting vibes floating around. I took this while alone in my bedroom, at night, when I was in the mood to channel my undiscovered Salem Witch Trial ancestors.

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  1. GOR.GEOUS. i love that peplum maxi skirt, ohmygosh, i would be sooo happy to own any of these things. So colorful and graphic. Lovely collection :)


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