I am Gothica

As a style wanderer, I really take pleasure in the exploration of new styles. I've currently been very focused on the whole "flowers/fairies/whimsical/butterfly" style vibes, and I'm getting bored. So I've decided to be BOLD and go in the complete opposite direction, and try for a more punk-y, gothic style.

I really admire gothic styles. I love the dark colors, the lace, the layers, the chunky [combat] boots, the black lipstick (new obsession is being created) and the punk-y vibes. Of course, this is my version of a gothic style, when in reality there are about 20 bajillion different interpretations. The fact that I'm in some ways basically trying to copy a "stereotype" is somewhat bothersome, but at the same time, I feel like goth is both an attitude and a style. I'm going for the style, and I'll keep my attitude, because I'm a cool gal with a spunky personality and socially awkward habits! Wonderful!

Anyway, I currently do not have any outfit fotografias (woah, Spanish skills. Who knew) of me sporting a gothic look (but I will very soon.) It will definitely take me some time to find my gothic style niche, because I'd like to be more creative than the stereotypical BLACK and CHAINS and dump a little bit of Eva powder to make it more my own. The struggle ensues!

Here are some cool inspirational photos that will inspire both me and you to achieve the raddest of rad goth looks ever!

Photos by Vikram Pathak, a super talented photographer fellow via New York. I stumbled upon these rad images when I googled "goth photographer"(genius, eh?) and Mr. Pathak's name appeared (which is a miracle, because I am now in love with his work and get to add a new name to my list of favorite photographers. WOOT, SUCCESS.) These looks/photographs are definitely a more editorial version of goth, but it's still totally inspirational, gorgeous, and awesome. I love the glasses in the first photo; I'm channeling some serious '60s vibes, which is amazing.

Do you style wander?


  1. it's always good to try to find your own style :-) and that's a great inspiration

  2. Amaziiiinnng....Nice Blog & Great Photos Honey. I am following you Hope you can visit my blog and if you like it, can follow me too if you want :)
    xx Kisses from Germany ;***

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