Flower Dance

I've been feeling dead when it comes to inspiration, so I gathered up some galvanizing images of pretty and surreal things for you to stare at and appreciate with your artistic eyes. My mom always calls me an artist because of my inability to throw things away, even things I've found on the street most likely covered in dog piss, because she says artists see beauty and worth in everything. Hopefully you all are like that too.✭

1, 2, and 3 are by Chloe Newman. 4 is by Sefisckarab, 5 is by Tim Schreier, 6, 7 are by Tim Walker, 8 by Mark Borthwick, 9-34 by Guy Bourdin, video by DJ Okawari.


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    1. Oh my god I know. He's like my new obsession.

  2. I like so much how you show your style is so inspiring.

  3. There is so much inspiration in these posts - I just love Guy Bourdain! The photo of the colour cats is my favourite, it's just too cute and strange :)

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