barbie is alright!

I feel like Barbie is a really controversial topic. Her distorted body image and convoluted representation of beauty is extremely superficial... but at the same time, she is kind of a feminist all in her own with her extensive "be who you wanna be"motto, as in BE WHATEVER YOU FUCKING WANT is pretty inspiring, and really not as hostile as I just expressed it to be.

I used to despise Barbies, and I had this brash idea to create this collage of melted Barbie heads-that I would personally burn and destroy-to express the trivial conformities Barbies inflict upon society and young girls. Keep in mind, this was literally like, three months ago. Suddenly though, as in two days ago, my point of view on the entire subject has changed, most likely due to my never ending obsession with Barbie movies (ironic I know.) I'm currently watching this great Barbie movie via youtube that is the Barbie version of The Three Musketeers. It's pretty enticing, and while watching it, I realized just how many underlying themes of feminism there are buried into the movie. Barbie (I think her name is Karin in the movie) is determined to become a musketeer no matter how many men and women laugh at her and put her down. Her entire motto throughout the movie is something along the lines of, "True courage is following your dream no matter how many people put you down"which is a PRETTY DAMN COOL MOTTO if you ask me. Not only that, but in all Barbie movies, Barbie is always so confident (and even if she isn't, she doesn't try to change who she is) and true to herself, and it's just like DAMN #rolemodel.

PS: Here is what a life size version of Barbie would look like.

And here is me grimacing slightly and looking like a part fairy part Harry Potter lover part nomad part witch, all of which (HA WHAT A PUN) I am.

Skirt from Goodwill, tights from Forever 21, shoes from Cotton On, cardigan from Nordstroms, shirt from Hot Topic, DIY flower crown, star necklace from Amazon, other necklace from Claire's.


  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with you about the barbie thing! Love the outfit! HARRYPOTTERHARRYPOTTERHARRYPOTTER!!!!!!!!!!! Your crown is really cute as well!

    Love the blog! Check me out?



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