journals rock

Currently busying myself with procrastination and blogs. It's funny how everyday I say to myself, "Eva, when you get home from school, you will not wait to do your homework. You will just do it." And yet, every day, I come home, and suddenly it's seven o'clock and I've waisted four hours of visual internet excitement via blogs/youtube/magazines/tumblr/facebook, and all I want to do is sleep and eat and burp and not do my homework. This really has to stop.

I'm always able to get my homework done, but my rate of exhaustion during the time it takes me to finish my homework drives me perpetually insane. I've been feeling so stressed out lately and fatigued and just so anxious for summer/freedom/fun. I like school, but at the same time, everyone needs a break after a while. I commend those kids who can tolerate those year round schools. I don't think I'd last.

Anyway, I've been writing like a psycho lately in my journals, which I love. I actually just finished one yesterday that I'd been writing in since 2008! I started writing in a new one today, and it feels like I'm telling a stranger my innermost thoughts and secrets. Funny how you can get so attached an inanimate object. My new journal has a cool cat on it, and it's small and square. My grandma and grandpa gave it to me a few Hanukkahs ago, and it has some random blurbs from 2008 and some crappy skirt drawings and shitty Hebrew written in it.

All my cool journals. The top left (orange) is the journal I just finished. The one with the white heart to the right is where I record inspiration/lists of cool people/things/blog ideas/fashion stuff. The small cat one is the one I'm currently writing in. It has tons of embarrassing crap from 5th grade that I "forgot" to photograph.The quality of the photos all suck. I know. I can't wait to start writing in the Beatle's journal I got at Walgreens. It's the one right below the cat one with the circles.

Who wouldn't wanna wear this bad boy.

I was even a great writer then, I know. My articulation and clarity was just unfathomable.

This post is short, but I just felt like doing a brief post on my day/feelings and stuff.

Do you keep a journal/diary?


  1. I really wish I kept I Diary from when I was younger, mainly so I could laugh at myself!
    Check out my blog! x

  2. I keep telling that to myself as well! But here I am, reading blogs instead of doing homework! haha I really want to start a Diary again, I know I had one when I was 8 or something but I was really lazy and would never write a thing in it! Maybe I will buy a Diary! Lovely post and good luck with your homework Eva ;)

    love, Laura

  3. I'm the same, I always get home from school and start looking at blogs and stuff, and then realize it's ;late and I've got to do my art homework for tomorrow or something.

    I always try to keep diary's, but forget! i'm terrible at it...

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