sixties nineties vibes

I wore this outfit last week. I really love it, because it surrounds me with this aura of 60s and 90s vibes, which I love considering the 1960s and the 1990s are my two favorite decades. The flannel that I used my incredible skill to fringe, was thrifted, and it reminds me SO MUCH of My So-Called Life, and even more so of Angela and her signature flannel attire. The dress is reminiscent of a 1960s style, and then my gold boots+lace tights+socks+skirt under dress (dress=see through, me=no spandex, skirt=dress not see through anymore, skirt=makes outfit even more wonderful) just make it more awesome than ever thought possible. Yeah, I know. I rock.

I'm actually currently rewatching My So-Called Life for the third-ish time. The show is just SO relatable and SO accurately demonstrates the tomfoolery that seems to constantly be dancing about inside the minds of teen girls. Not only that, but I'm absolutely hardcore in love with Ricki. He is such a sweet and beautiful person who deserves everything that he was deprived of, and more. Additionally, Ricki probably has the raddest vest collection I've ever seen, and I have a fetish for vests.

Thrifted flannel, thrifted boots by Dirty Laundry, Nordstrom skirt, Audrey 3+1 dress, Forever21 tights, American Apparel socks, Claire's necklace, Frida Kahlo earrings, random heart barrettes.


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  2. Such a cute outfit!! And great blog!!

    Check out mine!!


  3. Love those boots, what a great find x Sushi

  4. I love how unique your style is :)
    I'm obsessed with your dress! I love polka dots <3


  5. I like the polka dot plaid combo with the tights you looks divine! x thanks for the comment!

  6. love the polka dot dress and the grungy combo!

  7. That is so pretty!!! I have a dress sort of like that and never thought of matching it with Plaid, love that!

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