long skirts take practice

I've been deeply infatuated with long skirts lately... not only maxis, but ones that hit me just below the knee, calf length ones, etc. I think this is partially due to my love for 60's/70's trends and 90's grunge looks. I honestly surprised myself when I left my friends house in a borrowed maxi skirt as we walked her dog, and I felt 100% confident and awesome. I think confidence is one of those things that sincerely takes practice. You have to work at it. If you want to wear eccentric outfits to school instead of your traditional jeans, Keds, and sweatshirt, it will take practice before you can walk into your school feeling totally secure. Confidence, and dressing eccentrically, takes practice, at least for me it did. Last year, in 8th grade, I was the most boring, gross dresser ever. My outfits literally made me sad. Freshman year of high school though, I became friends with people who wore more daring outfits, and I said YOLO and decided to dress however the fuck I wanted to. I am a feminist! Society has no power over me! Why am I squaring myself when I am a beautiful hexagonal prism with glitter and confetti and pepperoni and crowns and and an old soul with a flowery scent? I am a special shape, like all humans! I am not a square!

When I first started dressing more eccentric, I'd get little butterflies as I stepped out of my dad's car and into school, but after a month or so, the feeling subsided. What I'm trying to say, is that it took practice for me to be able to dress eccentrically. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and I'm going to do just that. Unfortunately, back in 6th-8th grade, I used to care about how guys perceived me. Now I don't care at all. I'll be myself, and if they don't like it SCREW 'EM. But trust me, attaining that mindset took practice too. I wish people would just unapologetically be themselves and dress how they want, dance when they want to, and voice their opinions rather than stuff all their uniqueness into a box, lock it and then digest the key in their stomach full of acid, all while still accepting and loving others for their individuality and quirkiness. I'm not saying I do this all the time, but I'm trying to be as true to myself as possible, and I always admire those people who are who they are, who flaunt their quirks, and would rather be their obscure, abstract shape than a square. Even though YOLO is getting old, it's true that you only live once, at least in this persona, and it's important, in my opinion, to just ignore the people being rude to you for being yourself, because they are ignorant, stupid humans who may be cursed with forever being square. And since you don't want to be a square, just be yourself, because you cannot be a square if you are you! Basically the moral of this post is that EVERYTHING TAKES PRACTICE, EVEN CONFIDENCE AND THE ABILITY TO DRESS LIKE A BAFOON AND YOU MUST STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT. Wow. Feel free to call me the cliché queen. I feel awkward (and I embrace that.) Goodbye.

Looking pensive in my maxi (thrifted) my friend loaned me, shirt my friend loaned me (via Forever21), DIY crown, Walgreens flip flops, and a great "Thinking Man" stare.


  1. You look awesome. Go you for dressing how you want. It's all about dressing in what makes you feel happy & good about yourself. Do what's best for you! :)

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