Dusk is definitely my favorite time of the 24 hour time frame. I love it because everything looks faded/muted/quiet/eery/nostalgic/thevirginsuicides-y/peaceful/perfect/THE BEST.

I took some cool (yes, cool) pictures of my backyard that are moderately crappy, but COOL. The shitty quality was INTENTIONAL, let me tell you. INTENTIONAL. I was going for all the vibes your receiving. Vibes of like, you know... high quality artsiness. I then took some pictures of the wonderful clutter living happily underneath my window, which consists of VHS tapes via my childhood that I love and plan to rewatch soon, my Gibson guitar that my dad gave me from when HE WAS MY AGE and which I seriously plan to relearn how to play soon, along with my sea glass collection that is being stored in empty milk bottles. I wish all milk was sold in bottles rather than cartons. The bottles make me feel like I'm living the dream life of a girl from the 1960's, or like I'm in Bye Bye Birdy or the original Twilight Zone episodes or Harry Potter! And I love that super cool cream mustache you get when you decide to rebel and be badass and drink STRAIGHT OUT OF THE MILK BOTTLE and since bottled milk is HELLA authentic with the cream at the top and the bottle and the milk and stuff, life just rocks.

Also, I made a Pottermore when it first opened (YES, I was able to steal the clue answer from my friend and submit it and get early access it's really true i did and i'm a Gryffindor and i feel spectacular!) and it's THE BOMB. I finished the exploration of the first book in like, 2 days. I've literally been waiting HALF A YEAR meaning SIX MONTHS for the second book to be available for exploration. I can't be this patient. I just can't be. J.K Rowling/Soni and Co., get a move on or feel the wrath of my Liger and me. My username is Runestone209 so you should add me so we can party it up together.

PS: I'm going to start doing more outfit posts soon. I've just been feeling like my outfits have been extremely pathetic and not post/photograph worthy, so hopefully that changes soon meaning hopefully my outfits start unsucking so I can photograph them and my blog can look cooler.


  1. whoa...we ARE brain sisters!


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